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Why And How To Move To Algarve Portugal

for those who are considering a more permanent move to the Algarve, the facts may provide that little bit more incentive to explore and perhaps put down roots in this magical part of Portugal.

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The Algarve has been a favourite holiday destination for those from the British Isles for decades - but that wonderful weather and the cost of both vacationing or living in this part of Portugal continues to make it one of the best sunshine destinations on the European continent for those looking to escape the stresses of modern life and the sometimes dreary winter weather of Britain. However, looking in more depth at the attractions of the Algarve makes it even more attractive. This is not a destination or region that needs to have more positive press - but for those who are considering a more permanent move, the facts may provide that little bit more incentive to explore and perhaps put down roots in this magical part of Portugal.

Firstly consider the absolute beauty that you will be confronted with when making that move to Algarve. The beaches are magnificent - that almost goes without saying. The days are filled with sunshine and where in the world are you going to be able to bask on beaches that are that wonderful even when those winter storms are lashing the U.K.?

Of course, any relocation is always going to involve the question of money. And there is where Portugal shines. You'll be able to receive great value for your savings. Aside from the much spoken about 'Golden Visa' which rewards those who invest a certain amount in Portugal (for instance in property), there is also the 'Non-Habitual Residency' scheme3. You won't have to live in the country for five years - but if you meet residency requirements you can still can enjoy a great income tax rate (as low as 20%) for around a decade. Compare that to the normal rate which approaches around 50% then you quickly realise that Portugal is still very welcoming to those from the British Isles - even in the post-Brexit days.

Aside from the obviously concerning issue of money what are you going to enjoy during your residence in Algarve the food must be mentioned. There are seafood choices and much more that should be explored. Take for instance the 2 Michelin star Ocean Restaurant in Porches. Fresh seafood bought daily and an inspired menu including such wonders as the Lobster served with Quail eggs and lobster sauce is a wonder - and the presentation is magnificent - as is the service. But even the most humble family-owned restaurant on the Algrave will serve up local dishes that will satisfy the most demanding of diners. For instance, a 'bifana' (similar to a pork sandwich) will cost around €1.50-2.50 - incredible value for a great meal on the go.

Of course, if you are planning on being a long-term resident of Algrave you are going to want to know the price of renting an apartment. It is significantly lower than most places in the U.K.  You will be looking at around €300 for a basic 1 or 2-bedroom apartment. However, those prices can escalate steeply - there are apartments in the €400-700 range.

Owning another story. The average price of a villa in Algrave has been rising steeply - or at least was before the impact of the pandemic was felt. Before COVID-19 a villa could cost upwards of €1m - but that meteoric rise in price has slowed - there are bargains to be had.

The fact of the matter is that, as life returns to a semblance of normal the Algarve offers an incredible opportunity to really enjoy a superior lifestyle - and that lifestyle is one that anyone considering relocation should keep in mind.

But remember any relocation should be undertaken with care - and the services of a company experienced in relocation are essential. For a turnkey solution to that sometimes stressful relocation experience turn to a company like Edwards European Moving. Customer service and a full range of moving services are important - make sure that the relocation partner you choose has a history of success.

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